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" In a world where magic is an almost uncontrollable energy that everyone eventually loses, Elishe's life was changed by this power when she was just a teenager. Although she possesed magic only for a brief period of time, she realized to what extent the nature around her was alive.

Decades later, when her life was about to end, magic came to her once again, but through a curse. The power in her veins expanded her life, but she lost her happiness. One day, she made a decision... "

Available in English and Spanish!


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This was a beautiful story. Thank you for writing it.

Thank you for such a sweet comment! You just made my day ^^

¡Maravilloso relato! Las ilustraciones, la narración, la música... ¡todo combina a la perfección! La historia fluye y se desarrolla de manera precisa, los personajes tienen volumen, no son planos, tienen una personalidad y un carácter bien desarrollado y sin caer en clichés ni tópicos. El estilo gráfico (que me encanta, la forma en la que le has dado color a la historia es impresionante) por su parte le añade un toque más a la historia que junto a la música son la guinda del pastel, una combinación perfecta (^0^)/ ¡No cambiaría nada de ella! 

¡Muchísimas gracias! ¡¡Me alegro mucho de que te haya gustado!! ^-^

Beautiful story. I love how the magic works in this world (...if I understood it...). Hope to hear more from it!

Oh, thank you so much for playing!! I love planning how magic and all of the fantasy stuff works in each of my stories, so I'm glad you liked it <3

The Final Day of Spring is a pleasant kinetic novel! 

The visuals are amazing, especially of the scene where the girl was drooling in awe at the night sky. I smile fondly whenever I think of it.  Moreover, I like how the credits was shown, simple and flows well with the art. It made me feel like the ending was dawning into a warm closure as a breeze comes by.

The casts are like-able! I like how perceptive and curious the girl was, and I love how Eli was not a typical wise old lady. The girl's thoughts about names surprised me and she is truly something hehe. I would love to follow her adventure if there is more!

Thank you for making this novel and I look forward to more~

Ahhh, thank you so much for this review!! ♡ I love hearing what others think about the characters *-* 
Actually, I do have a sequel planned which will be "about Summer" (? but I have another project I want to finish before that~ Anyway! It makes me really happy that you would be interested in reading the continuation to the girl's adventures :'D

I enjoyed it, thank you for the story! :D

I'm glad! You're welcome, thank you for playing  ^_^

I love this. Everything the characters, plot, and story line. 

Aw, thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad you liked it!! ^-^/♡


Great Narrative story i really enjoyed it

Hey, thank you so much for trying it out! I'm glad you liked it ^^